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PRINTING: More Than Paper,
A Remarkable Visual Experience

At duplix®, Printing is not merely graphic production. Besides being easily accessible to companies in various segments, it also complements other areas of the company's business.


Our team, with its experience in this segment, will analyse the various needs of our clients, providing opportunities and enhanced services that can benefit them.


Regarding Printing services, duplix® can produce the following products, with solutions for sale and rental:


Large format printing - makes a more significant visual impact while maintaining the high resolution and clarity of the intended message. It can be done on several types of paper and other materials (canvas or vinyl), weights and shapes, providing various solutions that help, for example, in organising and decorating an event.


Small format - printing, in small sizes, on diverse types of paper such as coated paper, IOR paper, fine paper and others, in various weights and with multiple finishes, offering different solutions that help, for example, to communicate a corporate image on your business cards and brochures.


Advertising gifts - we sell, produce, and personalise a wide range of advertising gifts, providing a unique opportunity to circulate the client's brand. These products allow your brand to be seen and recognised by a wider audience, thus boosting your company's message, and boosting your business.


Textile customisation - a highly sought-after service. Depending on the type of item and quantity the client wants, we can use various techniques.


Advertising stands - perfect for fairs, exhibitions, congresses, and conferences. Available in various shapes, sizes, and materials, they are easy to handle and quick to assemble. They provide optimum visibility and a guaranteed impact on your customers.

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