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DECOR: Transform Spaces with
Distinction and Innovation

At duplix®, Decoration exceeds simple aesthetics and is an experience that redefines spaces with distinction and innovation. We have autonomised this area, previously part of Printing, in a continuous effort to add value and differentiate ourselves in the market.

We stand out for our ability to design unique atmospheres, intervening in walls, ceilings, doors, furniture, and other elements indoors and outdoors.


Decorating projects at duplix® requires no work, waste, or noise. We offer the best of both worlds: speed and economy. We

pre-visualise and enhance the client's desired result using techniques such as virtual styling and virtual staging. We achieve extraordinary results with new materials, printed or not, smooth or textured.


Learn how we can transform your spaces, making each project uniquely expressing identity and style. For duplix®, Decoration takes us beyond aesthetics; it is a visual narrative that enriches environments and captivates the eye. Count on us for decorative graphics, personalised interior design, virtual interior design, advertising wall coverings, furniture coverings, personalised

wallpaper, window decoration and vehicle and motorbike decoration.

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Lisbon - Avenidas Novas

Avenida Miguel Bombarda, Nº 147 - B 

Lisbon, Portugal


+351 214 189 860

UCP - Portuguese Catholic University

Palma de Cima, University Campus

Lisbon, Portugal


+351 217 214 025

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